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One Universal Energy

I talk a lot about energy, yet sometimes it needs an expanded explanation. So, here goes. Scientifically speaking, everything is energy. No matter what concept in which you see life, everything consists and is energy, therefore flowing into the energy that we focus on.

Our thoughts become so powerful that we sometimes lose sight of our personal power in creating what we want, simply by focusing on the things life throws at us (what we don't want). Those thoughts are generally surrounded in negative energy. By focusing on the aspects of life that we don't want, essentially, we begin attracting more of that exact sentiment into our lives. How does this happen? Simple. It's the energetic focus you choose that creates a message to the universe and your subconscious mind that because you've exhausted so much energy into a particular thought/emotion, you must want more of that. See how it works?

Perplexing to comprehend at first. I get it. Yet the sooner you grasp what's going on in your life, the sooner you can decide to change the trajectory of your thoughts, therefore, changing the course of your reality.

I love talking about energy and it's impact on our lives. It really does change the world within you and around you once you begin to see yourself as the powerful creator that you are.

Another point about energy that is vital knowledge for everyone is this:

Energy healing. it's likely you've heard me talk about this as well, but if you're unfamiliar, allow me to explain.

Every single part of your life - your past, present, future, memories, physical/emotional/mental/spiritual well-being are all made up of energy that resides in you. All of these bits are carried in your physical & mental space creating the physical life you live, the emotions you feel, etc.

have you ever wondered why - or how - the past keeps rearing it's ugly head? it's an emotional (energetic) attachment that has been buried in your subconscious. These memories impacted the way you think about life. What would it mean to you to release these attachments? or heal through them to understand how to move forward with more progress?

Each of us have experienced life differently to anyone else. we all carry a story unique to ourselves, our upbringing, what we've been taught to believe, the sights we've seen, the places we've been, etc. There is great potential for energetic stamping to occur just by living. And, quite frankly, no matter how life unfolds for you, you will be affected by circumstances and the energy of the experience.

The good news is that the energy surrounding your life has the ability to be transformed (transmuted) into something more fulfilling, forgiving and peaceful, if you so desire.

When I work with clients, there is an immediate sense of what's happening in their emotional energy. The emotional barrier that they've created in order to survive through their life experiences. They aren't any different from anyone else, survival mechanisms are created in our subconscious to keep us safe. Knowing when to release these tools is the tricky part.

Healing looks different for every person. There are no two situations alike, no two people with the same experiences, thoughts or beliefs.

In traumatic situations, unless you've spent time understanding the process of carrying, healing and releasing the energy that's become stored in your physical & emotional fields, you will carry these energetic attachments with you, not fully understanding why life seems to have dealt you a bad hand. Make sense yet?

The point is this.. The more you understand about energetic healing, its benefits and how it will create change in your life, the better you can understand how the life you desire is within reach by healing.

unhealed trauma (physical, emotional, spiritual) creates barriers leading us to believe that life happens to us, not for us. The contrary belief is that life happens for us in order to be a messenger from the universe to reach a place of higher consciousness. You will never be delivered a circumstance that isn't aligned with your destiny. But the thing is.. we all have free will. As we all have a destined path, we have the choice to follow the path of least resistance (destiny) or the path of our choosing (free will) - understanding that free will will not always come easy.

Unhealed trauma leads us to believe that we must force life in the direction we want, mainly as another survival tool to make it through life's hurdle.

The important message here is this - heal. Allow yourself the time, space and understanding to see how different life can be when we let go of the things that don't benefit us. We begin to change the way we think - we begin to think deeper into our life - we begin to question life in order to understand. We begin to make a more peaceful path around the choices we make.

Energetic healing brings perspective differently. It changes the trajectory of your life. It reroutes the path you thought you were meant for (in trauma response thinking) to a path of destined happiness, fulfillment & understanding.

is it easy? no. yet it is the most worthwhile choice you will ever make. something to understand about energy & healing - It doesn't ever stop. life is full of energy, experiences & emotions that will impact us. The difference is this.. when healing begins you begin to think differently, feel differently, act differently, respond differently - meaning that life is different for you.

do you desire a lot more than you feel you are capable of based on your upbringing or what you've been told? Good. that's a solid reason to heal from the noise and choose what's best for you. Healing is for you, no one else, yet it will positively impact the masses around you because you will become a beacon of hope for others when they see the light in your eyes shines brighter and more hopeful.

friends, healing isn't one size fits all. it's specific to you & your needs, your story & your desires. There are many additions to energetic healing that positively impact your life when you choose to allow them. If you 'd like more information about energy healing and how it can help you, feel free to message me at


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