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Dreams become real.

The power of manifestation within the dream state is as real as can be. We dream based on the imagery that we desire, a desire that sits in our subconscious mind waiting to be attained in our physical world.

As we cradle into REM sleep, your mind begins to expand beyond limits, beyond fear based thinking that resides in a waking state.

Many truths are revealed in this state. Truths of your deepest desires, most intense fears, imprinted events that have changed our subconscious processes and more.

To add to the incredible aspects of the dream state we have an increased ability to manifest our desires by being intentional with our thoughts.

Recently, i had been experiencing increased, vivid dreams. without realizing their relevance at the time, i started to see these dreams unfold before my eyes. People and opportunities were appearing into my physical world that i had dreamt of just days or weeks beforehand. this sparked a massive desire within me to understand how and why these things were happening. Then, soon after, I wanted to know how to intentionally harness this power to create more beautiful manifestations. I mean, why not.. If i could do this without realizing what I was capable of at the moment, why not make it more incredible with pure intention!

I want you to understand the power you hold within your nature. This isn't held for one type of person, this is available to everyone who is willing to see the bigger picture of who you can be when you apply intention with purpose and love. Dreams carry truth.

Scientifically, dreams produce definable details of a life you are subconsciously living, or could be, if you allow the flow of destiny to exist. The functionality behind dreaming becomes more prevalent to those who are open minded to the prospect of accepting the unknown with appreciation and love. To trust the direction of life without forcing or controlling every aspect, yet being open to the ideals of following your truest path with ease. Understandably, this isn't always an easily accepted notion for some, yet when put into perspective, i remind you of this:

Any direction that is truly meant for you will come with ease. You will see and feel a flow of "calling", how easily life is meant to be when we follow our destiny. You will be pulled in a natural direction that will feel tailor-made to fit your deepest desires.

When we force a situation or aspect of life that is not meant for us, we can not manifest anything to fit into our ego-centered ideas to appease our mind into thinking we are "meant" for something we are not. the journey will be difficult, hard to follow, forced and full of unnecessary hurdles.

Then, we must acknowledge that our dreams are meant to reveal a truth to us, listen and understand that we are attempting to change fate.

Now, let me add, every single person has free will to be, do, have what they desire, even if it is not aligned with destiny or fate. Yet, also, be aware that the flow of life will be altered based on the path chosen.

have fun with your dreams, embrace the messages coming through to you, study what their meaning holds for you and be open to change, healing or whatever is meant to elevate your life.


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