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vip relationship mentoring

vip mentoring tailored to individuals seeking more fulfillment without the entangled emotional attachment to the past. Individuals who want more, can envision more for themselves, yet stumble taking the leap towards their desires.

Since our lives are encompassed by connections with others, you'll begin to foster healthy boundaries and transform your life to attract your desires.

- 6 months of 1:1 mentoring with jessi.

- weekly healing sessions via zoom

- unlimited voxer access

- formal meditation training

- DNA Reframing with entopy transformation

- quantum shifting 

- emotion mapping

- and much more!

if you're ready to shift from thinking you'd like to change your life to actively doing so, this is for you!

in VIP relationship mentoring you will be fully accompanied by jessi while transforming your existing relationships and creating healthy, meaningful connections that inspire you to live your dream.

Let's face it, relationships are all around us and until we let go of what no longer benefits our highest purpose, we're just creating the same scenario on repeat.  heal and change your world forever!


energy healing intensive 

comprehensive energy healing intensive with jessi.

releasing generational trauma that's been carried on your shoulders, unaware of the 'how-to' of leaving the unhealthy patterns in the past. 

- 6 weeks of 1:1 spiritual healing sessions with jessi

- voxer access

- releasing generational trauma

- healing inner-child wounds 

- remove unhealthy patterns

- Aura cleansing  

- balancing masculine & feminine energy

- and more!

our thoughts create our reality, therefore, when thinking through pain, we create more pain and unwanted scenarios. by taking back your power of thought and reframing your processes, you begin to manifest a future your desire and dream of.

stop dreaming and start transforming.

Throughout the healing transformation, jessi will be alongside to support and guide you - you are not alone.

meditation mastery

for centuries meditation has been proven to release negativity and allow peace to become a prominent part of life.

releasing unwanted, negative energy out of the physical body, creating space for positive thought patterns and habits to flourish. expand your mind by focus and intention.

- a 4 week self-study course 

- history of meditation

- how-to's, types of meditation & guided meditations

- understanding chakras & their impact on the physical, emotional & spiritual body

- what is vibrational energy & how it influences our daily lives

- and more!

everyone is talking about mindset these days.  it's your time to see what it's all about.  mindset is more than how  you think - its the entirety of how your thoughts create your reality and your ability to create the life you want - starting with your thoughts.

this is a 4 week self-study course, which means you have the ability to complete and repeat the course whenever you choose.