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Jessi Risley Relationship Specialist for Celebrities

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TWO New Group Programs 

Intuitive Army 

For Gentlemen & Ladies seeking to activate their intuition to help follow their inner guidance to best navigate their life. 

(Many people don't know how to actively use their intuition - and just how powerful your movement becomes once you've done so).

Opening November 2022

To join the wait list, click here.

The Gentlemen's Journey

Gentlemen, this is for you!

We'll be understanding your emotional health, healing old wounds and creating an easy-to-use path of emotional support that will boost your relationships and heal pain, whether self imposed or passed down. 

(Let's be honest, if you weren't given the support in childhood to properly develop an understanding of your emotions and a safe place to express them, then this is for you)

Opening November 2022

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TWO New 1:1 Experiences

Energy Healing (4 sessions)

Everything is energy - emotions, actions, thoughts, physical ailments.. you name it. Energy can become stagnant and/or stuck in parts of our physical body. Your physical body is the carrier of energy, including the energy of your emotional & mental health.

Energy healing provides relief of the pain stuck in physical form, releasing it and creating space for positive energy.

OPEN NOW  -  $1111


Click link below to schedule a call.


The Gentlemen's Evolution

Gentlemen, again, this is for you.

The Gentlemen's Evolution is my passion.

Here we incorporate my very own healing method, 1:1 weekly sessions - here is where we do ALL the work.

If you want an easy fix, this isn't for you. The Gentlemen's Evolution is a deep dive into your past, generations of trauma carried through experience, conditioning, and belief that have shaped your life to this point. 

Together, we uncover what's hiding in the shadows, we create balance and peace from your experiences, history and self imposed limitations (what we believe, we become). We pave new ways for you to reach higher success in your business and personal life. 

The Gentlemen's Evolution will open January 2023

To request more information about The Gentlemen's Evolution, please click link below.

V.ision I.mpact P.romise

The CEOs structure for healthy relationships in business and life

Easily create successful communicative relationships with the

people you trust to build your

success story.

V.I.P.  helps you create a healthy dynamic within your ecosystem by building a foundation of trust, communication and balance.

This program is designated for

CEOs & Entrepreneurs.

Please inquire below.

Want to work with me privately?

There is something incredibly special about receiving someone's undivided attention - especially when looking to change your life by large margins, right! 

When we work together one-to-one, you find more clarity around what you want and the path to get there.


That's why I design a bespoke strategy specifically 

to your needs.

One-to-One mentoring with the highest discretion to foster confidence in who you are & your relationships.

Together we build an

environment to heal & transform.

To inquire about working with Jessi privately, please message directly using the link below.