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Jessi Risley Relationship Specialist for Celebrities

V.ision I.mpact P.romise

The CEOs structure for healthy relationships in business and life

Easily create successful communicative relationships with the

people you trust to build your

success story.

V.I.P.  helps you create a healthy dynamic within your ecosystem by building a foundation of trust, communication and balance.

This program is designated for

CEOs & Entrepreneurs.

Please inquire below.

energy healing intensive 

intuitively lead energy healing intensive.

Gain full understanding how your energetic vibration boosts, challenges & affects your reality; 

Heal generational trauma that's been carried on your shoulders; become aware of how acknowledging, healing & releasing the past becomes your greatest accomplishment in self preservation, love & acceptance - as well as the life you attract . 

- 10 Week group sessions

- Weekly energy cleansing

- Releasing generational trauma

- Healing inner-child wounds 

- Emotional control

- Quantum perspective & epigenetics  

- Balancing masculine & feminine energy

- And so much more!

Our thoughts create our reality, therefore, when thinking through pain, we create more pain and unwanted scenarios. by taking back your power of thought and reframing your processes, you begin to manifest a future your desire and dream of.

Stop dreaming and start transforming.

Group program $2497

~ Throughout the healing transformation, you will be supported because i know first hand how important it is to have someone beside you when doing this work. Community is priceless. ~  jessi

Course currently closed

Want to work with me privately?

There is something incredibly special about receiving someone's undivided attention - especially when looking to change your life by large margins, right! 

When we work together one-to-one, you find more clarity around what you want and the path to get there.


That's why I design a bespoke strategy specifically 

to your needs.

One-to-One mentoring with the highest discretion to foster confidence in who you are & your relationships.

Together we build an

environment to heal & transform.

To inquire about working with Jessi privately, please message directly using the link below.