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energy healing

Choose to heal to understand,

to let go of the burdens you've carried. 

recognize that it is an ongoing process that will require patience, time and a desire for change.

healing becomes a priceless investment

to yourself.

Energy healing is an intentional intervention into the energetic field that supports your

emotional & physical body.

Energy healing is proven to change the quality of life; alleviating the negative energy associated with memories, trauma, physical pain & injury. 

4 healing sessions $1111

energy healing intensive 

intuitively lead energy healing intensive.

gain full understanding how your energetic vibration boosts, challenges & affects your reality; 

heal generational trauma that's been carried on your shoulders; become aware of how acknowledging, healing & releasing the past becomes your greatest accomplishment in self preservation, love & acceptance - as well as the life you attract . 

- 10 week group sessions

- weekly energy cleansing

- releasing generational trauma

- healing inner-child wounds 

- emotional control

- quantum perspective & epigenetics  

- balancing masculine & feminine energy

- bundled with Meditation mastery

- and so much more!

** vip option available with (5) 1:1 sessions & voxer support **

our thoughts create our reality, therefore, when thinking through pain, we create more pain and unwanted scenarios. by taking back your power of thought and reframing your processes, you begin to manifest a future your desire and dream of.

stop dreaming and start transforming.

Group program $2497

(VIP option available)

~ Throughout the healing transformation, you will be supported because i know first hand how important it is to have someone beside you when doing this work. Community is priceless. ~  jessi

meditation mastery

for centuries meditation has been proven to release negativity and allow peace to become a prominent part of life.

releasing unwanted, negative energy out of the physical body, creating space for positive thought patterns and habits to flourish. expand your mind by focus and intention.

- a 4 week self-study course 

- history of meditation

- how-to's, types of meditation & guided meditations

- understanding chakras & their impact on the physical, emotional & spiritual body

- what is vibrational energy & how it influences our daily lives

- and more!

everyone is talking about mindset these days.  it's your time to see what it's all about.  mindset is more than how  you think - its the entirety of how your thoughts create your reality and your ability to create the life you want - starting with your thoughts.

this is a 4 week self-study course, which means you have the ability to complete and repeat the course whenever you choose.  

4 Weeks Self-study $597