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You begin to understand

There is a time when you feel safest being unaware of your magic. A time when you come close to the edge of reason, yet so far away from a reality that you know differently.

You meet people who challenge you to believe deeply in the direction of your dreams. You see them as messengers of fate. A fate that has been yours for eternity.

One day you begin to understand the depths of your soul that you had buried for many lifetimes. A secret that you feared would be the bearer of overwhelm in a life so complicated.

You feel safe. There hasn't been a time before that you can recall feeling the safety of home in a way so nurturing and calm. Visions of destruction overcome your sight as you feel the walls crumbling around you.

There is a sense of self that you have never felt before. A sense of home within your own soul. An opening of truth that you've never spoken.

You begin to understand that the world lives within your soul, a world of magical possibility and connection. A world that thrives on you knowing your own strength. A world waiting for you to recognize yourself.

For years you remained buried in your grief, hidden behind a wall of armor. You feel the freedom within your body to begin to settle in your heart.

You begin to understand the safety of your thoughts. You see who you need to be; not for the sake of others, yet for the strength of your own heart.

You taste freedom in a way you never have before. you set your sights on the magic touch of possibility, wanting depth more than you ever felt before.

A knowing that no one will ever know the depths of your emotions, the depths of your soul or the truth behind your eyes - you seek to understand how to flow freely in a world of crashing waves and soaking tears.

Falling into oblivion, a light that will guide you home. The messenger, like a phoenix rising, ignites a fire inside you.

"Tell me how deeply you love." These words send a vibration through your veins. You begin to understand that you never loved the depths of yourself as you loved others.

Like a rose has thorns, you carry your sorrow chained in your heart. Bleeding, relentless and scorned.

There is a story you can't speak.

You think about the messages you hear, you try to get it off your mind, yet you can taste the drowning emotion. The magic touch of the unknown.

"Tell me how deeply you know." The words ring in your ears as your heart rushes and your breath deepens.

Recalling the intimate words spoken and the unveiling of exposure, you begin to understand.

You called upon your magic to reveal the unknown. As you try to understand, you begin to feel vulnerable in a way you've never experienced.

Seen by eyes of the unknown, heard by those who understand.

What you feel can't be explained in words, only soul connections.

And you begin to understand. You are who you've been seeking.

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