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The importance of connection.

Do you wonder what you would say to someone who has passed on if given the chance? Or what they might say to you?

This is something I hear quite often and, to be quite honest, I have the privilege of helping others find answers they've been seeking. As a spiritual medium, I love being asked to help others find peace, answers, or even pass a message along to their loved ones. Yesterday was no different.

Last night, I read photos for a man that I never knew. He passed away many years ago. The photos were given to me by his daughter. Images of a life he lived long before she was born. We knew nothing of his life then.

As I sat with the photos, gently resting my hand across his hand written dates on the back, the connection grew stronger. He had so much to say, so much that he felt needed to be heard. I passed the messages along to his daughter. I felt a relief from him that was something he needed her to understand.

Bits of his life that trickled in from a perspective that was never known. He needed us to hear his words, feel his empathy and understand how he felt in life. It was a beautiful moment. The clarity received was astounding. After delivering the messages to his daughter, he simply smiled and said Thank you.

You see, sometimes spirits have messages of understanding that they want us to know. Sometimes they want to simply say they love you. Other times, their stories are elaborate and heartbreaking. Most of all, they want to know we're okay and for us to know they're okay.

Spirituality has been seen in fear and novelty for many years, yet that isn't a clear depiction of what it is. It's a beautiful experience, peaceful, heartwarming and I'm lucky to be able to do what I do. I'm passionate about delivering messages for those who have waited and wondered, some with a heavy heart.

Other stories of connection include helping a woman find her lost family members, who's names were unknown. She shared photos that were passed down with little to no information about the persons. Much like a movie, we pieced together the information received from the reading and she was able to locate family she didn't know.

Lockets worn by a grandmother that have been passed down through generations. A chair belonging to a woman that passed in 2013 sits in my office today. I see her sitting in that chair from time to time, lovingly watching while I work.

Connecting to spirit is an amazing gift that's given. An insight to the words left unsaid and love that still goes on. Both sides, the living and the passed, benefit from connecting through a medium. To find peace and closure, answers to seemingly mysterious happenings, the list goes on. But what I can say is this.. for all of the lovely people I've read for in any capacity, the message has always been of love.


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