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play by the rules

when i began my entrepreneurial journey several years ago, I was timid and unsure of how to make any of it work. I was confident that i could do it, but wasn't sure how to make the right logistical moves. I listened to mentors that said "never do this...", "you should always do this..." and "the most successful people do this every day...".

I took their advice, yet as their advice sat in my head, I became unsettled. none of what they suggested felt right to me.

at the beginning of this year, I began working with a spiritual mentor; not expecting business growth to be a major part of learning.

as we got to know one another, I told her of my expectations, my ideas, dreams, etc.. as well as all that i was told not to do.

I told her how i wanted to structure my business and was strongly advised not to be so "bold". How i planned to progress and was advised against my ideas. That i noticed how others were doing their business and their concepts seemed interesting in part, but nothing that ever resonated with me entirely.

then one day she said "you have the best and only mentors you'll ever need. you'll never need to hire another mentor again, if you choose not to. although this beautiful lady is the best mentor i've worked with, she wasn't speaking about herself. she was speaking about my strong spiritual connection. trusting who i am, what i desire, how i like to work, understanding myself on a core level to do what's best for me.. and to not take 'no' for an answer because someone says my plan isn't conventional.

i followed the rules for a bit because i was unsure. In all actuality, my first business failed. not because i didn't know what i was doing - i learned quickly, yet wasn't emotionally invested therefore it didn't thrive. i played by the rules - in a game that was not meant for me.

understanding who i am on a soul level, how i thrive, the exciting parts that have me wanting to learn more, growing & not have a thread of "it's time to quit".. that made all the difference for me. being so insanely passionate about what i do and how i do it. that's the difference.

i became comfortable in my own skin. I became comfortable not being everyone's cup of tea. i became comfortable not taking no for an answer because i know i have the gumption to make this all work exactly how i envision it.

don't laugh, but i used to think it was necessary to be a million dollar business owner, i had to dress a certain way, do all the things that million dollar people do. (in all seriousness - what does that even mean?! some of the most incredible entrepreneurs i know are the most unusual people i know.. and the best!)

what i realized was this,, i can be exactly who i am, who i know myself to be - all in my comfortable bliss even if it doesn't fit a conventional mold of million dollar ceo. my role as a leader is based on the value i bring to the table, not the brand of shoes i wear or bag i carry. don't get me wrong.. i love luxury, yet losing my identity for the sake of someone else's business blueprint (or opinion) is absurd to me.

i believe that it all begins with our mindset. now, i know 'mindset' is thrown around quite extensively nowadays, but hear me out. when i began my entrepreneurial journey, i failed. not only did i fail financially, but all i saw were dollar signs. no passion, no love for my efforts, no joy of making it work. my mind was set on one thing and that was not enough to build upon. sure, i could've sat on the gold mine and cashed in on all the goodness it had to offer, yet i wasn't happy.

i quit. soon after walking away from my first company i sat thinking of all the things i had started and never finished. things i thought i was passionate about, yet gave up on. why? what was it about me that never finished a task? it's simple. i didn't feel worthy or have enough pride to show up for myself.

fast forward to now..

for the first time (ever!), i'm enjoying Christmas with my family completely stress free! that may seem exaggerated, yet it's not. you see, every holiday season i'm filled with excitement and happiness for my favorite time of year. but that sizzle soon burns out when i begin to think about all of the cost associated with year end business expenses, gifts needing purchased, bills needing paid, etc. Then, the panic sets in and we settle for not doing what we love, afraid to splurge on this or that for the kids, settling for gifts we'd rather not have for the sake of purchasing something (just to make an effort).. all while feeling depleted and sad.

as December 2020 arrived, we were once again in the position of stress and panic over the holidays. i knew this was not the way the holidays were meant to feel - that i had so much to be grateful for and happy about, yet it always felt like a letdown when i couldn't do more. (i'm fully aware Christmas isn't about the gifts, but having the financial freedom to choose how we did so makes a difference.)

i decided last December that this would never be our reality again. that 2020 was the very last time we sacrificed how we wanted to spend our holidays and things would change forever.

now, here we are December 2021. i am happy to say that this holiday season has been our best yet. complete freedom to be happy in all aspects - and it is the most incredible feeling ever!

it hasn't been by sheer miracles or hitting all of my financial goals - no, in fact, i did not hit my financial goals for 2021, yet i made changes that set me up for amazing transformations.


i changed a lot of how i perceive my life, my goals, my family, my business, my future.. all of it! i stopped expecting things to happen and started to make the changes necessary for the things i desire to attract to me (there's more to it than that!).

you don't have to be perfect to have the best life, but you do have to make better choices. and, by all means - fall in love with your life; whether it's your business, your family, your future, whatever it is for you - fall in love with what you want. feel the passion for it! that's when things begin to change for you.

business can succeed with or without happiness, but if you want longevity in anything - find happiness to go along with it.

~ Jessi

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