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It's okay to be afraid.

Sometimes being still is the scariest thing you will do today.

Allowing yourself to sit, your mind to bring to surface all of the thoughts, memories and fears that you try to bury in the chaos.

Sometimes feeling the feelings is more frightening than you want to believe.

Yet you know that you need to.

You know that this time alone will be the breaking point between who you've been and who you want to be.

Sometimes it requires more attention, more courage than you've allowed before.

Deep down you know you need this.

Deep down you know that this time alone, this time in your own thoughts can be the death of who you were.

And, yet, here you are.. alone. tears falling down your cheeks because you decided you are worthy of it all.

You are worthy of being the most important person in your life.

You are worthy of freeing yourself from the sabotage you hid behind.

Feeling stuck between heaven & hell has been the story of your life so far;

a story that you are prepared to rewrite.

Some would say you strayed into darkness to hide your pain, but i know it differently..

You stayed in the shadows to remain safe from your own demons.

Hear me now, you are safe to wonder. you are safe to fly.

The light will carry you on the wings of change.

It's time to heal. it's time to set yourself free.


This message was channel written by Spirit - a message for those who need words of hope. words of promise. words of a brighter tomorrow.

It's time to heal. It's time to communicate. It's time to transform.

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