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Imprinted on your soul

As children we break into a life of uninhibited freedom. We fear nothing as we're not born to fear. We breathe life into those around us, filling the air with a new found realization of bliss & endless potential.

As we grow, we become subject to implied boundaries, safety zones and fear.

Fear grows into sabotage at times. Leaving us to never live to our fullest potential because "what if we fail..", "What if I'm not accepted..", "What if.." multiple scenarios run rampant through our minds of all that could go wrong, without any acceptance of the possibility of what could go perfect!

Here's what I've learned throughout the years of my own healing, evolution & development as a psychic medium.. Our soul is imprinted on from those before us - their fear, their trauma, bits of their stories and all the parts they want to "save" us from actually become our reality.

Our ancestors lived a life we can't imagine. They felt pain that we can't comprehend. They feared things that we will never be subject to. Yet, what imprinted their soul has formed family traits, beliefs, habits, shaped personalities and created barriers of limitation that we've lived with for far too long.

The impact this has made on our soul has had profound implications on who we have become in our adult lives. Some of this has been in the form of self-sabotage, most often not recognizing how our actions, beliefs & thoughts create exactly what we do not want.

Our ancestors gave us many things - both good & not so good. Their intention to "save" you from the pain they suffered wasn't to scar your life in unimaginable ways, yet has been seared with fear & trauma carried through the souls of the generations.

We feel this in our daily life. We see how the actions of others have created limitations for our future. We become aware of things we wish would change, only to feel a victim to the story.

To change your story is to have the strength to decide life deserves to be lived without fear. To decide that life is meant to be blissful, enjoyed and met with profound appreciation for where we came from, where we are any our current moment and where we have the potential to go in our future.

Our ancestors never meant to hinder our lives, but tried desperately to shelter us from their pain. They had no idea that their choices, unhealed trauma & fear could carry through bloodlines and family dynamics.

Let's celebrate the gifts we've been given from those before us and heal. The imposed limitations are not meant to keep you stuck, they are a wake up call for you to live life differently, fully and with unbridled ambition.

"To live in fear is equivalent to living in darkness or to not live at all."

~ Jessi Risley.


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