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Feeling Derailed?

I get it, really. There are days when you feel that nothing you do seems to be working in the right direction, and other days that seem to flow seamlessly. You ask yourself "How do i keep that momentum?"

It's simple: decide that things will be easy because they're meant to be.

As simple as it sounds, it takes work. The thing is we are co-creators of our lives, no matter what's happening - the good and the bad.

What we focus on grows; so if you're feeling low and that nothing is working out for you, pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and overall attitude towards yourself. How you speak to yourself (yes, you) carries more impact than most realize. Once you begin to realize the power of your words, you'll begin to see the impact you have on your own mind and reality.

So, you want to create something that you don't currently have? a new reality, a new life, a new story.. Listen to this - You can!

Not only does your self talk play a vital role in how things progress for you, so does the action you take. to co-create means to take action aligned with what you expect from the Universe (god, spirit, source, whomever it is for you). Let me say this about expecting - Expecting is necessary when it comes to knowing what you want and not faltering on what you know you deserve. But to be realistic, most people don't believe they are worthy of what they truly want. it's a paradox, isn't it? To know what you want, to fully believe you're worthy of such desires and to take the appropriate action necessary to achieve said desire.

Makes one wonder how you achieve greatness when the paradox stands of knowing, realizing and achieving.

Let's break it down.. From personal experience, I can be honest in saying that if you don't believe you're worthy, you'll never be able to fully live in your power. To fully achieve what you want. To fully attract the life you want. What happens now? You shift.

As healing occurs, we begin to see life differently. We start to see the possibilities and miracles unfolding because we've reached a new, deeper level of consciousness. As this happens, we begin to see how things can work out how we want. But, because we are human and the majority of the population has unhealed trauma of some sort, we fall back into old, unhealthy patterns (thoughts, behaviors, actions/reactions). The key here is to acknowledge what's happening and not be hard on yourself for being human having an emotional experience. Our emotions play a massive role in pushing us forward or derailing us backwards. Luckily, you have the power to move either way.

To overcome the derailment feeling, try this - As you notice you're not progressing and things are feeling stagnant, pay attention to you thoughts. What have you been telling yourself lately? Do you feel argumentative about whether or not you can have what you really want?

Or do you find yourself wallowing in self pity?

Here's the hack. Write a letter to yourself. Seriously. Write the letter. I want you to focus on all that you're currently feeling - the unworthiness, unhappiness, anger, frustration, impatience, pity - whatever comes up, listen to it. Pay attention to how you feel and write about it. Explain why you feel this way. (don't worry, this letter is private to you so be honest.) Once you get all of this onto paper, take a deep breath. You have just released these internal feelings out of your physical body and onto paper. Sounds silly, I know, yet this is an extremely therapeutic service to yourself. After the letter is written and you feel that you've let go of all that was taking up space in your mind & body, let go of it. You have released the worry about things not working out. And, now you can move forward with a fresh mind.

The more you open your heart to believing that life is happening for you and not to you, you'll begin to see how things flow easier.

To achieve the effortless attraction of the things you want. you must believe that you are worthy and they are already yours.

From personal experience, I used to believe that what i wanted was possible, yet didn't fully feel worthy of having it all. Therefore, I wasn't attracting what I wanted, yet what i was focusing on, which was the lack of not having what i wanted. Does this make sense? what you focus on grows.

I would find myself frustrated with Spirit that I expected such things, yet wasn't seeing them materialize. I was practicing impatience - which is not favorable to attracting anything! I had to step out of the mindset that i had fallen into (old beliefs, thoughts & feelings) and reposition myself in a way that was feeling grateful for the life I currently live, even if it isn't my future vision.

It's okay to expect greatness. It's okay to know what you want and not feel guilty for wanting an extraordinary life. I get it!

Trust me when I say, you can have, be, do anything you desire. If you have a vision for a life different to where you are, trust it. You are given these visions and desires for a reason. I don't believe that anything happens by chance or accident. There are no mistakes. Listen for messages from within, trust your gut feelings and believe in the magic.

All things are possible.


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