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Being Spiritual is fun.

Updated: May 2, 2022

Then I remember that no matter what anyone else thinks, I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else - and oftentimes it doesn't.

So, how can spirituality be fun? Simple. Decide not to take life too seriously - laugh more often, not just a giggle here & there, but a gut wrenching, cheeks hurting laugh.

- Be flexible. This lesson stayed with me for a long time. I ran back & forth between needing structure and enjoying none of it. then I decided that I could actually have the best of both. I no have a schedule for my work day and a schedule for my kids - then I have flex time that I have no set plans or obligations. usually this happens between 3-7pm - more or less depending on how I want to fill my day.

-Listen! As humans we want to talk, be heard, voice our opinions, likes & dislikes, yet don't always stick around for a reciprocated conversation or to hear our inner voice. We silence the bits of ourselves that seem uncomfortable or unnecessary - when in fact those bits are the ones we should listen to most!

Back to the humor of spirituality. Not long ago I was doing a reading for a client and I kept seeing food. I asked her if the food items made sense to her - some did, but most didn't. I had no idea what Spirit was trying to say so I just kept listening and they kept bringing food. Eventually, I realized that the food had nothing to do with the client - Spirit was telling ME to eat more fruit! (umm, okay! haha!)

I think it's important that we change how spirituality is viewed and remove the notion of how scary it is. It's the exact opposite.

I mean, if you come along with me long enough, you'll hear stories of how Spirit brings me "back to reality" in the oddest ways. They have a way of getting their point across in some hilarious notions.

Not to make light of something so important, but when we become consumed with seriousness and leave no space for lighthearted fun, the fun of life gets sucked out of us. No one really wants that, do they?

Here's what I propose.. if you're venturing into spirituality for the first time or are considering how such a change could greatly benefit your life (and, oh, it does!), think about this... what could you drop from your psyche, your current behaviors, your current reactions that would create space for laughter, finding the lightness of an intense situation, the ease and flow of how easy life is supposed to be.

because, let's be honest, as humans, we make life harder than it was ever intended to be.

Learn to relax, leave stress behind, remove the parts that fill you with unhappy thoughts and allow yourself to become happier, whole and fulfilled just by letting go.

If I haven't said it enough by now, I LOVE my work. Being passionate about what I do is an understatement. It fills my heart with happiness to see my clients smile and hear their sentiments after a reading or working 1:1 with me. Following my gift has really been the best decision I've made in years.

** Obviously, there is a lot more to spirituality than giggles & sunshine, but what we focus on grows - and focusing on the peaceful transformation seems a lot better than focusing on anything less.

i you have any questions, or want to know if this could benefit you (it will!), feel free to drop me an email..


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