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A letter to a little girl.

She sat in her bedroom staring out the window that overlooked the garden. Trees taller than her sill swayed back & forth in the warm summer breeze. As she sat, her thoughts returned to the little girl she remembered from long ago.

The little girl was a vision of something that felt familiar. A customary exception to her rule. She felt bound to the little girl as each time she saw her, it was at a time when her heart had felt heavy. The little girl was unique, courageous and simple. She carried herself in a manner of courage and wonder.

That morning was different. As she woke earlier that day, her thoughts immediately fell upon the little girl's face. Remembering the look in her eyes, she felt sadness for her. What about this girl seemed so strange? Why does she appear when I'm vulnerable? Her eyes told a story that brought a tinge to her chest. That little girl held onto something that she could not bare; a story, an experience, a mystery that haunted her.

She walked out into the garden soon after waking to listen to the birds sing their morning hymn. She stood, eyes closed, feeling the softness of the moss covered stones beneath her feet. She waited before returning to the house.

As she walked into the house, the little girl was waiting for her. She spoke not a word, yet caught her softened gaze. The little girl slowly walked up the stairs and into the room where she slept. the little girl stood beside a small mahogany table without a word.

She couldn't take her eyes off of the little girl, as she was mesmerizing and curious. She spoke to the girl, asking her name. no reply came forward. The little girl looked down at her hands and revealed a key. The key had history, it was dark in color and was cast in beautiful character. The little girl placed the key on the mahogany table before she walked out of the room.

She had so many questions. Why was she here? Who was she? Yet all she could focus on was this key laying on top of her table. She picked it up and immediately felt a jolt in her veins. She had held this key before. She remembered the feeling it gave her. She remembered it's design.

She chased after the little girl. Down the stairs and out the door leading into the garden. The little girl stood, basking in the light of the sun. Quietly, peacefully. She gently asked the girl what the key belonged to. The little girl turned around and softly said "it opens our trunk in the attic."

Quickly she turned, looking towards the attic of the home. She remembered seeing a trunk in there long ago. She turned back to the little girl to ask further questions, but the girl was gone. She walked into the garden calling for her, yet found no satisfaction. The little girl had vanished.

Shortly after, she returned to the house and ventured to the attic with the key held tightly in her hand. There, on top of an old, dust covered trunk, was a hand written note.

"Sasha, i hope you find comfort in what i need to say. i have watched you from afar for far too long. i have watched when you didn't know i was there. i have seen you cry and shelter in your books. i have watched you become closed off from the world that desperately needs you. it is now time that i tell you who i am.

I am you. a girl of young age, courage and resilience. i am the little girl you once were. I am who holds your hand at night while you sleep, alone and afraid. I am here to tell you that your suffering has ended. you are free to fly. free to breathe. free to live. you have never been alone, nor will you ever be. it's time that you embrace your truth.

from long ago, you felt twinges of pain in your body, sheltering in the serenity of solitude. Fearing the vulnerability and rejection of the world.

the wait is over. you must break free from this place as the world needs your light now more than ever.

The weight of the world is not your's to bare, yet you are the peace that resides in the souls of the lost, broken and despair.

i will visit you again, yet for now, hear me.. the fear that encapsulated you for so long, has sheltered you - it has to end. darkness has fallen and it's your responsibility to shine for those that need you.

i love you - always have, always will. we are one."

she fell to her knees, desperate for an explanation. she was desperate for the more time. she was not ready to venture into a world she knew nothing of. fear took over her body.

when she woke the next morning she felt new - enchanted. she couldn't find the words to describe her sense of freedom, yet she felt it coursing through her veins. she walked outside to the garden hoping to see the little girl. there was no one there.

As she stood on the moss covered ground, she looked up to the sun to see a sparkling sky above with rays that seemed to hold her tight. she knew it was time to be more than she's ever been. Time to open her life to others.

As time passed, she began to do as the little asked. She spent days healing the sick with her hands, helping others in ways no one else could. she allowed her magic to flow freely into a world needing saved. she realized this was her purpose and that the little girl was her angel.

The little girl never returned to the house. she watched from afar as Sasha built a life of wonder & grace, integrity & beauty.

And from there, the little girl vanished...

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