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Join Black Label - 
The Gentlemen's Initiative.

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence


A Private Community 

Black Label was created as a compass for men to explore emotional healing, understand & balance their emotional state, communicate safely, and feel comfortable expressing how you feel.


Power without Action is Stagnation

What most men think is that to be in power requires you to be in-control, action-taking, leaders - yet what you may miss is the compassion, self-love, self-awareness, emotional stability, and how all of these are encapsulated in the truest form of YOU.

The most profound relationship you will ever nurture is the one you have with yourself. 


How It Works

Black Label is a private membership on Facebook.

Each month you'll have private access to guest speakers bringing their unique perspective and expertise, weekly LIVE correspondence with Jessi - that can be accessed at any time, daily communication with community members and Jessi, as well as exclusive insight (discounts, new programs & offers, events).

There is a $15 per month membership fee. 

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