meet jessi

Hello! Let me introduce myself.. I'm Jessi - entrepreneur, author, creative personality and passionate about creating change through healing.

I'm a Spiritual Alchemist, Relationship Specialist, Psychic Medium and one-of-a-kind leader. As my client, I will guide you through energetic healing and learning to love who you have become in your success, to begin fully living and allowing others to see you as you see yourself - in realism and authenticity while creating the euphoric life of personal fulfillment you were destined for, all while boosting your success.

working with jessi

Professionalism & experience

My mission is to help you re-invent yourself!

with extensive experience as a certified life coach, nlp practitioner & psychic medium, my expertise and guidance will help you attain your relationship goals in business, personal and reestablish your relationship with money!

support along the journey

by implementing my skills, experience and knowledge, i have transformed my own life from being a woman who had self sabotaged relationships to learning how to build better, more deeply connected relationships, to create healthy boundaries and properly care for my mind, body and soul in order to have a better existence; overcoming divorce and self inflicted disconnection.


it's time to begin your most transformative work yet..

statistics prove that successful men are the loneliest people. 

as a leader, being surrounded by others isn't surprising, yet often lacks in authenticity and deep connection.

let's talk about how these relationships impact your energy.

Yes, that's correct. A disconnect in fulfillment leads to energy leaks that effect your mental, emotional & physical health.


are you ready to put your desires into action? to create spiritually charged relationships and to be seen as the person you know yourself to be?



"Working with Jessi was brilliant. I learned so much about my past that I didn't think mattered anymore. She helped me acknowledge what I needed and how to forgive after the loss of my wife.

She is professional, compassionate and funny!"


"When I heard Jessi speak about healing memories, I wasn't sure that was for me. She performed an energy cleansing with me and I was shocked. So many memories came back that I had forgotten about.

She taught me how to meditate and clear my mind to feel happy and healthy again. It really worked!"


"I wanted to say a massive thank you to Jessi, what an amazing gift you have.

I've been interested in finding out my ancestors origin.

Jessi blew my mind! She was incredible to pick things up & it's given me such a lovely contented happy feeling that life really does go on."