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build confidence by expanding your self belief

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Hello! Let me introduce myself.. I'm Jessi.

  I'm passionate about creating change through emotional

understanding & healing for those that dare think outside the box.

As a certified life coach specializing in relationships for high profile individuals, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner (NLP), and spiritual medium, I guide you through personal transformation and learning to embrace who you have become throughout the phases of your life, to begin fully living and allowing others to see the authentic you, while creating the euphoric life of personal fulfillment you were destined for, all while growing your personal & professional successes.

Why is this for you?

Life isn't meant to be hard - or lived unhappily.

You're here because you know something needs to change,

but you aren't sure what or how. I've been where you are.

Lonely and misunderstood were my story for years - even in relationships!

You have a dream, right? A vision of something beyond what you think you're capable of? Relationships of unconditional love & acceptance, but aren't sure they actually exist. Career driven, yet unfulfilled in your professional endeavors.

Sound about right?


When I applied my skills, experience and knowledge to my own life, I was transformed from being a woman who self sabotaged relationships to learning how to build better, more deeply connected relationships and create healthy boundaries.  I began to properly care for my mind, body and soul in order to have a better existence; overcoming divorce and self inflicted disconnection.

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Schedule your Breakthrough session!

Stop wearing your pain as armour

Statistically, successful people are the loneliest people, but who wants to be labeled a statistic? 

As a leader, being surrounded by others isn't surprising, yet often lacks deep connection and authenticity.

Let's talk about how your relationships impact your emotional & mental health.

Yes, that's correct. A disconnect in fulfillment leads to emotional discontent that affects your mental, emotional, and physical well being.


Let's create an actionable plan to transform your life into the story you want to write!

Creating a deeper understanding of who you choose to be in order to better your relationships.

Here's what I know to be true..

  • You deserve to be insanely happy.

  • You may not know what kind of relationship you want or how to achieve it.

  • You see others with appealing relationships, but don't really believe you can have the same.

  • You aren't sure how to be 'you' around others without feeling awkward or misunderstood.



When I began working with Jessi she told me that I could expect big changes if I invested myself into the program. Hell yeah, things changed! I got my life back. Not only do I feel good about myself, I don't feel that I'm wearing my past on my shoulders anymore. 


Let me just say that my life has been feeling really low for a long time. I started to work with Jessi after I saw a post on LinkedIn and felt drawn to something she said. I got in-touch and decided to go for it. Best decision I've made in a very long time.


Divorced dad, lost my job, and really couldn't see how I was going to come out of this. Jessi offered some advice and we got on a call the next day.  Guys, if you're wondering if this is the person for you - trust me, she is!

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